Silver Spring MD Carpet Cleaning 

Its inevitable, spills happen, and sometimes they are with some of the most frustrating types of drinks out there. Wines, Juices and Soda's are some of the hardest types of spills to clean up. But it doesn't have to be impossible.

Silver Spring MD Carpet Cleaning

With just about anything you spill you need to get to the spill quickly, generally before it sits and drains down into the deep fibers of the rug or carpet. By doing this you give the stain less time to sit and merge with the rug.

The next rug cleaning tip is to use many towels, and blot blot blot. This is probably the most crucial step of all. If you don't blot the rug enough, you will not get up the stain. Being diligent about this is very important and I cannot stress that enough.

Now, it is also important to make sure you the right products. For most stains, warm water will do the trick just fine, it just takes a lot of blotting (see I told you I couldn't say it enough). But if you do think you need something else you need to make sure you are using the correct products, and something that is safe for your carpets. I recommend trying laundry detergent first. This is simple, and you already have it in your house. And mostly, it doesn't contain bleach, which can damage any rug you have.

Now if this doesn't work you may have to see a professional cleaner, but hopefully these rug cleaning tips will at least help you temporarily until you can get someone to come out to your house.

Silver Spring MD Carpet Cleaning


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